Local Care + Global Reach = BIG Success!

Your LOCAL CARE expert is Bear Valley Vacation Rentals.  A company with 40 years of experience making memories for guests and hosts alike all over the Bear Valley corridor.   By partnering with the expert in vacation rental GLOBAL REACH, RedAwning, Bear Valley Vacation Rentals is able to offer local service excellence AND global marketing reach to make sure your home or condo is loved by you and guests alike.  No matter if you want to welcome guests a few times a year or are looking to make your home a profitable income property, Bear Valley Vacation Rentals offers the highest impact, highest quality vacation home management experience in the corridor from Angels Camp all the way up to Bear Valley.

New Full Service Option with A Local Expert

We are happy to announce a new Full Service Management option in your area, combining our industry leading marketing and all of our solutions with the expertise of a sophisticated local partner for cleaning, maintenance and local guest hospitality. This combination of services means less work, and the highest quality experience and highest performing results in your destination.


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Prefer a DIY Model?  We Can Help There Too!

Market Research shows that having a local partner for your vacation rental can help double and even triple revenue streams, but we also know it isn't for for everyone.  If you prefer a self management option RedAwning can offer tools and support for that as well.  Read on to see all that RedAwning can do no matter how you prefer to partner.


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Distribution Like No One Else Does!

Did you know only 3% of vacation rentals are listed on all of VRBO, Airbnb, and Expedia ... only 3%!  If you are not promoted on all four of these industry leading channels you are missing out on guests who shop there, and you'll earn less income.  RedAwning gets your property in front of every guest who shops for travel, including all of these sites and many more, to maximize your guest demand, occupancy and rates. 

RedAwning is also the largest provider of vacation properties to most channels, and we leverage our scale to optimize your listings by channel with unique knowledge and proven channel specific techniques. We have over 1,500 properties with the coveted “Preferred” status on, a huge % of our properties are SuperHosts on Airbnb, and all of our properties are Premier Hosts on VRBO. We lead the industry in elevating your property wherever we present it.

We are also one of the first key partners with every major new marketing channel and bring you early and unique access to channels others hope to add one day, such as Google Travel, HomeToGo, and Vacation Renter.

Finally, we promote your property on our own exclusive channels, and TravelPro Rentals, our travel agent product with 20,000 travel agents. These channels generate millions of dollars in bookings each year exclusively for our clients.


and MORE

Dynamic Price Optimization You Control

RedAwning begins its price optimization with maximized demand. Many companies in the vacation rental industry don’t realize the importance of demand to automated pricing systems. As a result, their pricing automation always suggests lower rates to increase occupancy in an environment that has only a fraction of true demand. RedAwning has proven that maximum demand powers price increases instead of decreases, leading us to the highest revenue per property in the industry. Higher Prices X Higher Occupancy causes a multiplier impact on your results.

Our dynamic pricing is also truly dynamic, including daily rates over a year into the future updated multiple times per day based on supply and demand in your destination and for each property. This is not seasonal or holiday pricing, but true dynamic pricing like hotels do, all while still allowing you final control of the rules, minimum prices, minimum stay length and more.

Guidance From An Industry Expert

You are never alone when working with RedAwning! Our team has over over 250 years of combined experience in vacation rentals and has served over 1,000,000 Guests. If something isn't going right with your listings or a particular guest, we are always here to support you. We want to see you grow and grow with you. Your success is our top priority and we work hard everyday to ensure it.

24/7 Support for You and Your Guests

After we fill your properties with guests at the highest rates, we also provide full reservations support for you and your guests. From inquiry response to credit card processing to delivery of check-in instructions and guest reviews response, we pair our global skills with your local hospitality to provide the most income to you with the least work, and also enable the happiest guests.  We include 24x7 guest support by chat, text, email, and phone and we include a free mobile app for guests and even an intelligent agent, Scarlett, that we built with Amazon to rapidly help guests with things like redelivery of their check-in instructions instantly when they are standing at the front door (amazingly, this happens up to a thousand times a month). 

Integrated Housecleaning Automation

RedAwning includes the most popular housecleaning automation system, TurnoverBnb, which enables you to auto-schedule cleanings, autopay your housecleaner, and even select a new cleaner from a network of over 25,000 cleaners.  If you already have a housecleaner you love, you can easily connect them directly to your account and even provide a mobile cleaning checklist for them to complete. 

Notifications to Guests

Did the Smith party get a booking notification?  Do the Nelson's know how to check in?  Did I give the Johnson's our contact information?  When you work with RedAwning there is no wondering.  Once you are live with RedAwning we'll handle all guest booking and check-in communications automatically so you never have to worry about if your guests have the information that they need to check in. 

RedAwning also handles post stay reviews of guests as well as reviews management to save you time and keep top ranking for your property.  

Exclusive High Quality Photos

A picture is worth a thousand words but when you work with RedAwning you won't pay a penny for amazing HD photos, which are critical to success on every website channel.  RedAwning has partnered with the industry's leading real estate photography company and their network of 6,000 photographers nationwide to take great photos of your property optimized to our criteria based on years of testing - all free of charge.  

Damage Protection for Every Stay

Accidents happen and we’ve got you covered for up to $3,000 of accidental damage for every stay. This is not traditional damage insurance - we believe in a hotel-like approach so we don’t even bother guests with questions about accidental damage. We just pay for it! That way you are happy, and guests are happy too, not having to argue with anyone about damage claims. That reduces negative reviews from unhappy guests by a huge amount!

Free Personalized Booking Website

Want to share your property with your friends or on Facebook?  We include a free personalized booking website for you to use too!

Easily activate a free website for your property in just a couple of clicks with complete online booking capabilities.  Even better, bring it to life with free professional photography so your listings and website convert to bookings quickly and at higher rates.

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