Plan Your Bear Valley Stay

Bear Valley is located on the beautiful, all-weather nationally-designated Scenic Byway Highway 4.  Below are directions to get from your doorstep to ours!   We want to make sure you find the perfect fit for your group and come prepared to have the vacation of a lifetime, and look forward to having you on your getaway to Bear Valley!  Book Your Vacation & Accommodations Today!

Driving Directions to Bear Valley, California:

Please note, during the winter always carry chains. 4×4 and AWD with snow tires are ok with not having chains on. Roads generally stay open even in heavy weather , but do check the weather and be prepared.  The drive to Bear Valley is incredibly beautiful. The high vista points are spectacular and worth a stop.  Watch out for  our friendly deer, and during the summer cyclists.

From the Bay Area to Bear Valley

Take 580 east to 205 east to 120 east to 99 north to 4 east and continue to Bear Valley.

From the Central Valley to Bear Valley

Take 99 north to 4 east and continue to Bear Valley.

From Sacramento to Bear Valley

Take 99 south to 12 east to 49 south to 4 east and continue to Bear Valley.

From Lake Tahoe / Reno to Bear Valley

During  The Winter (Ebbetts Pass closes): Take 80 west, 50 west, or 88 west from the greater Lake Tahoe basin, to 99 south to 4 east and continue to Bear Valley.  During The Summer: Take 4 west off of 88 at Woodfords and continue to Bear Valley.

Notes for planners:

  • Some GPS systems: Bear Valley shares a zip code with Arnold, but are located about 30-40 minutes beyond on Highway 4.
  • There is another Bear Valley, CA located toward Yosemite in Mariposa County.  We are located in Alpine County.
  • Some GPS systems show us as being in Markleeville, which is our county seat.  We may show up as Arnold as well.

For up to date road conditions check out Caltrans. Be aware that tree work along the road may also cause delays not listed on the Caltrans site.


Arrival & Departure

Arrival Information:

Check-in begins at 4 PM.  To check in, please come directly to the Bear Valley Real Estate & Vacation Rentals office.  We will unite you with your check-in packet which contains all of the necessary accouterments for your happy stay, including rental property and area information, keys and a map

Getting to our office:  Bear Valley Real Estate & Vacation Rentals is located in the Village Center adjacent to the Bear Valley Lodge at 39 No Name Road (yes, it is really, truly and officially No Name Road).  Our office is accessed via an interior hallway at the north entrance of the building near Sky High Pizza & Pub. Turn right upon entry; we are located next to the Ebbetts Pass Historical Association, upstairs above Bear Valley Music Festival office.


  • Your name on the outside
  • A map to your rental property
  • Unit and area information
  • Keys with flashlight to your rental property

May I Come Early?  We understand to that you may want to start your vacation earlier than the designated check-in time.  We are happy to accommodate early check-in requests when possible.  Please contact the office to discuss this option at least 24 hours prior to your arrival date.  During busy Holiday periods, we seldom can accommodate this request, but it doesn’t hurt to ask!

Late Check-Ins:  Our normal business hours are 10 AM to 4 PM.  Should you arrive after normal business hours, proceed to our office.  Your check-in packet will be inside a wooden box adjacent to our office front door.  Please locate the packet with your name (or the name the reservation was made under) and use the information contained within to proceed to your rental property.


Check-out is at 11 AM.  Your prompt departure is appreciated so that we may prepare the rental property for the next guests.

What am I expected to do upon departure?  We expect that you will treat your rental property as the beloved home it is, leaving it in the good condition you found it in.

  • Load & start the dishwasher or wash & put away all dishes. ($25 min. charge for leaving dirty dishes.)
  • Please strip used beds of sheets and towels & put into linen bag provided. (Do not put comforters or duvets in bag)
  • Return all furniture and items in unit to their original place. ($25 min. charge for moving furniture and not putting back in original place.)
  • Do not leave any trash outside! Please dispose of all
  • Turn heat to low (55) or follow instructions as posted.
  • Do not turn the heat off in the winter.
  • Turn off all indoor and outdoor Make sure all windows & doors are closed. Help us conserve energy.
  • Check one last time for any belongings left behind.
  • Please call office at (209) 753-2334 when you leave.
  • Lock door if you are able to without a key.
  • Please leave the keys on the kitchen counter.

Can I Have a Late Check Out?  A late departure of up to 2 PM may be arranged as long as it works with pending reservations and the housekeeping schedule.  If you have not arranged for a late check out, you may be charged up to $35 for each hour the unit is occupied beyond 11 AM.