Bear Valley Vacation Rentals

Bear Valley Vacation Rentals is pleased to host your stay in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. We think that Bear Valley is the most special place on the planet and we want you to feel the same. And by special, we are referring to the “I’m-sleeping-where-I-ski-snowboard-sled-or-snowshoe-under-a-sky-of-stars-so-bright-I-can-almost-touch-them” kind of way, the “I-biked-hiked-kayaked-dove-into-an-alpine-lake-today-and-now-I’m-watching-a-meteor-shower-from-my-deck” kind of way. Just the kind of special we know you’re looking for.

Located on one of the few distinguished National Scenic Byways and set in the midst of over one million acres of Wilderness and National Forest lands, Bear Valley is the closest mountain getaway from the South and East Bay, as well as the Central Valley. Bear Valley offers fresh air, simplicity and an off-the-beaten path experience ideal for families, outdoor enthusiasts, groups and special events such as weddings and reunions.

Stop picturing yourself here and start planning to be in Bear Valley.

Reach out to us today to plan your next getaway!



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